November 25, 2012

58 :: This Week's Scenery

Jaana: We've had sunny days, frosty days, snowy days... but for the most part our November has been made of dark, wet days. Friday was no exception.

Kia: The weather has been persistently dull and wet this year, and November has been no exception, with more heavy rain and strong winds. I've been trying to take advantage of any sunny spell for some photo shooting.

How is the scenery in your area at this time of the year?

November 18, 2012

57 :: River

Jaana: Oulujoki basking in the golden light of November.

Kia: Enjoying the last patches of autumn colors on the banks of the White Cart Water. This is one of the narrowest points of its bed.

November 11, 2012

56 :: Puddle

Jaana: In October our puddles froze.

Kia: On a sunny autumn day even a mud puddle can be beautiful.

November 4, 2012

55 :: Rural Autumn

Jaana: On October 21st the fodder bales were just about the only reminder of autumn.

Kia: On October 21st this grain crop was still waiting to be harvested. Oats and barley have been Scotland's main cereal crops since the Middle Ages, simply because, unlike wheat and maize, both are willing to grow in this damp, sun-deprived climate.

From November on we'll be posting once a week, on Sundays.