About Our Project

Happy Snappy: Finland vs Scotland is a photography collaboration project by Jaana (posting on the left) and Kia (posting on the right), a Finn in her native Finland and an Italian expat living in Scotland, respectively. It's an extension of our previous collaboration, Happy Snappy: One Theme, Two Views. We're continuing where we left off there, but this time the emphasis is on the differences and similarities between our countries. In order to give you a wider view of our countries, not limited to our local surroundings, we will occasionally post from our archives as well.

Like our previous project, this is not a photography contest, but a way to share glimpses of our lives with each other, and with you. We'd be delighted if you decided to play along, showing us your photo under each weekly theme. Just leave your link in our comment box, and remember to include the country represented in your shot.

We hope you'll enjoy this new journey of ours!

Jaana & Kia