January 26, 2014

124 :: Scenery Collage

Hope the new year 2014 is treating you well! While we're still waiting for inspiration to strike, we thought of sharing this collage with you as a way of looking back at how 2013 looked like in our little corners of the wood.

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  1. So many beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them again! And I look forward to seeing more from both of you in 2014! :0)

    1. Thank you, Terry. We hope to be back with regular posts asap. Just gathering some new inspiration first. :)

  2. Your photographs of the Nature of your Countries, so real, alive, in tones so clear and lively are really wonderful paintings that sing the praises of Life, paintings to contemplate while reflecting on what the Nature bestows, what it gives to us, for our eyes and our hearts !
    Thank you for all this Jaana and Kia ♡