March 31, 2013

72 :: March Scenery

Jaana: Daily sunshine and melting snow, that’s what March was made of. Today the length of day is 13h 30m, sunrise at 6:26 AM, sunset at 7:56 PM.

Kia: March has been colder than January and February, with weather more akin to winter: ice, snow and severe wind-chill. In the past few days the sun has made brief appearances, and hopefully nature will bloom again soon. Today the length of day is 13h 03m, sunrise at 6:50 AM, sunset at 7:53 PM.

A reminder of how our sceneries looked like in February and January.


  1. It's funny that your length of day is so close in both places, yet the weather is so different. Both pictures are beautiful! :0)

    1. Isn't it! So much the same, yet so different.

  2. I am really enjoying the changes over the months. Keep your creative-juices flowing! :)