March 24, 2013

71 :: Signs Of Spring

Jaana: Apart from increasing amount of daylight, my wintry whereabouts have not gotten to witness many signs of spring yet. But lucky me, I managed to shoot this lonely catkin on the 16th. It's a start!

Kia: The first buds appeared on the trees very early this year, and the first crocuses and snowdrops started blooming around February the 15th. Then March turned wintery again with snow, hail and freezing wind. Hopefully spring and its blooms will be fighting their way back.


  1. The crocus are beautiful! We're expecting a snowstorm tonight. Hopefully after that some signs of spring will start showing up. I'm so ready for some warmer weather!

    1. Jaana: Our nights are very cold, but we are getting sunshine every day lately, which warms up the days nicely.

      Kia: February felt like springtime, and now we might have a white Easter. Crazy weather! ;)

  2. What a contrast!
    Hang in there, spring will arrive eventually! :)