April 7, 2013

73 :: Clock Tower

Jaana: The Oulu Cathedral was built in 1777, but the wood structures burned in the Oulu fire in 1822. The renovated church was completed in 1832, but the 56.5 meters tall bell tower wasn't erected until in 1845. The Cathedral is an example of Neoclassical architecture.

Kia: The turreted steeple clock tower by the Tolbooth Tavern in Canongate, Edinburgh. Erected in 1591, the Tolbooth served as council meeting chamber, courtroom and prison. It was one of three essential features in a Scottish Burgh, along with the mercat cross (market cross) and the kirk (church).


  1. Timeless!
    Happy Spring to you two. :)

  2. love it, love the old brick building

  3. Thank you, Tamara and Deb, and happy spring to you also!