February 24, 2013

67 :: February Scenery

Jaana: The scenery still looks very wintry overhere, but now you can feel the sunshine again! Today the length of day is 9h 28m, sunrise at 7:48 AM, sunset at 5:16 PM.

Kia: We are still getting the odd flurries, but the delicate awakening of nature is already showing. Today the length of day is 10h 21m, sunrise at 7:20 AM, sunset at 5:41 PM.

A reminder of how our sceneries looked like in January.


  1. Both pictures are beautiful, but how lovely to see signs of spring in Kia's photo! Today we have 11h 03m 02s of daylight and our sunset is at 6:12 PM. I'm so ready for spring! :0)

    1. Quite amazing differencies between our sceneries, huh!