February 17, 2013

66 :: Classic Architecture

Jaana: The building was originally designed in the style of Renaissance Revival by Johan Ludvig Lybeck in 1883, but in the middle of its construction it was redesigned and got a Gothic Revival look with the spires. In the past the building has functioned as a town hall and a police station, among others, but since 2008 it's been the home of the Cultural Centre Valve.

Kia: A classic of Scottish Baronial architecture, Craigievar Castle is a seven-storey pinkish harled castle built by the Forbes family and completed in 1626. The contrast of its massive lower storey structure to the finely sculpted multiple turrets, gargoyles and high corbelling work create a classic fairytale appearance. During World War I it was used as a hospital, and as of 2006 the castle and its estate are owned by the National Trust for Scotland.


  1. At first I thought your theme this week was pink buildings! LOL The building in Jaana's photo is beautiful! And the one in Kia's is so unusual! I've never seen a castle built quite like that!

    1. Maybe we should have renamed the theme Pink Architecture after we saw each other's photos. ;)