September 29, 2013

112 :: September Scenery

Jaana: The start of September was sunny and warm, but the month ended with cloudy and rainy days and plummeted temps. Today the length of day is 11h 28m, sunrise at 7:23 AM, sunset at 6:51 PM.

Kia: The weather this month has been rubbish, but this last weekend has been surprisingly sunny and warm. Today the length of day is 11h 44m, sunrise at 7:15 AM, sunset at 6:59 PM.

How did September look like in your corner of the world? Do share by leaving a link to your photo!

A reminder of how our sceneries looked like in August, July, June, May, April, March, February and January.


  1. What beautiful fall photos! The leaves are just starting to turn here.

  2. Beautiful photos! Are September here looks identical to Kia's. Some color but not much and all the fields are brown and about to harvested.

  3. It's true that each moment of the year has its own beauty. :)

  4. Thank you for your comments, ladies. Happy autumn to you!