September 11, 2013

104 :: Crop

Jaana: Oats and barley are the most grown cereal crops over here, largely for feeding livestock.

Kia: Oat is one of Scotland's main cereal crops. Oatmeal and rolled oats are used to make traditional Scottish food like porridge, oatcakes and haggis. Most oats are grown to feed farm animals.


  1. Hi Kia & Jaana! All the mention of oats makes me crave a warm bowl of oatmeal. :) Two very beautiful photos! Have a wonderful Wednesday! hugs

  2. Even grain is pretty! Oats and barley make the complexion clear if you eat them and oatmeal makes a great facial too.
    Now I will go have a nice bowl of oatmeal with cream :)

  3. Thank you, Kim and Annie! How fun that our photos made you crave oatmeal. :)