September 1, 2013

100 :: Heritage (Museum)

Jaana: The Sailor's Home Museum is located in the oldest wooden building in Oulu. In the past it served as  a Southern Customs Office, but now it's been furnished with items typical for a late 1800s sailor's home.

Kia: The Skye Museum of Island Life is a fascinating village of thatched cottages, showing how people would have lived on Skye at the close of the nineteenth century. Note the thatched roof held down with a net weighted with large stones as a protection against high winds and stormy weather.

This is our 100th post. Thank you for all your visits and feedback, much appreciated! Will you join us for the next one hundred?


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post! I love those thatched cottages! :0)

  2. I thoroughly look forward to your next 100 postings. - Tucson Tony

  3. I have a local (older) Catholic building on my webpage that you might like (under the Title of Labor day 2013)

    1. It's such a charming building, Tony. Thank you for showing it to us.

  4. Old buildings are so charming, if they only could talk they'd have some captivating stories to tell for sure. :)

  5. Very interesting. :O)