June 30, 2013

85 :: June Scenery

Jaana: It's been a hot, sunny summer so far! Today the length of day is 21h 45m, sunrise at 2:28 AM, sunset at 00:13 AM.

Kia: June has been cold and blustery, with drizzle and heavy downpours and just a few sunny spells. Although, the meadows full of buttercups have been a really cheering sight. Today the length of day is 17h 29m, sunrise at 4:36 AM, sunset at 10:05 PM.

A reminder of how our sceneries looked like in May, April, March, February and January.


  1. Beautiful shore and what a charming hairy bull nibbling on the golden field.

  2. Highland Cattle are adorable with their long haired coats. Both males and females of the breed have horns. You can say this is a female from the horns. The horns of the female curl up, whereas male horns grow out straighter.