July 25, 2012

25 :: Beetle

Jaana: There are numerous bugs and insects that like to feed on the flowers of this Spirea shrub. This fuzzy butt belongs to a Bee Beetle.

Kia: We have plenty of Common Red Soldier Beetles around right now, also because it's their mating season and they seem to prefer Queen Anne's Lace and Thistle for a romantic encounter.


  1. O-my-gosh, great pictures ladies... love them, life, nature.... we are one :).. great, great pictures...I love that you both have pink. I love the view of the bug in the first one, and I love the blur and the cloud of the second one...

    1. It's quite amazing how something as small as a bug's world can look so different depending on the point of view. The power of photography!

  2. Both of these are just beautiful.
    Perfect summer images!