September 2, 2012

37 :: Wildflowers

Jaana: Tansy is also known as "button flower" in Finland. Their flowering time lasts from July till September, which is why I always think of fall when I see the first blooms.

Kia: Wild Foxglove thrives in Scottish woodlands, moors, mountains and sea cliffs. In Scotland it's also called Fairy Fingers, Witches' Thimbles and Bloody Bells. Tradition has it that Foxglove leaves were put in new born babies' cradles to keep them from being bewitched.


  1. I always think that fall is coming when I see the first tansy. Kind of melancholic but pretty flower.

  2. I remember growing tansy a long time ago. I'd forgotten all about it until I saw your photo! And I've always wanted to grow foxglove but I never have.

  3. I love how nature reminds us to appreciate the beauty of little things that we sometimes take for granted.