May 19, 2013

79 :: Daffodils

Jaana: Summery weather rolled in this week causing the nature to burst into life in the blink of an eye. One of the latest bloomers are these cheery yellow daffodils.

Kia: Daffodils are the closest you can get to "sunshine on a stick"! So cheerful, especially with the gloomy wet weather we are having. Daffodils in May are a first for me. They have slowly started blooming at the end of February and are still at their best.


  1. Lovely! Daffodils are such a cheering sight. I love the dwarf ones and the scented ones the most. :)

  2. I love daffodils as they're the first true sign of spring around here. Unfortunately ours are all done blooming already. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos! :0)

  3. Thank you, Tamara & Terry! Daffodils certainly add a lovely splash of color to the scenery.