October 27, 2013

120 :: Feathered Friends

Jaana: Hooded Crows are one of the most familiar feathered friends found in Finland.

Kia: The Chaffinch is common and widespread throughout Scotland, except in the largely treeless areas of some of the remoter islands, such as the Outer Hebrides and Shetland, where it is scarce or absent.


  1. I love crows! And your chaffinch reminds me of our goldfinches.

  2. We have nothing like a Chaffinch here. Other than the color, the crow looks very much like they do here. I have to wonder if the color adaptation has to do with camouflage in winter months, but then we have lots of snow here (Canada) and they are all black.

    1. The Hooded Crow, per se, is grey and black, but some subspecies come in different colors. And surely there must be some color mutations as well.

  3. Love birds. Both photos are so crisp and clear. Wonderful work.