August 6, 2013

93 :: Thistle

Jaana: The quite diminutive looking Creeping Thistle is one of the most common thistle species in Finland. It is largely considered a troublesome weed, esp. by farmers.

Kia: The Thistle is a humble wildflower which most people consider an annoying weed. The prickly-leaved, purple-flowered Scotch Thistle is, along with tartan, perhaps the most identifiable symbol of all things Scottish.


  1. Lovely! Besides being a simply beautiful plant, you can eat it. :)

  2. Thistles are terribly invasive, but they're so pretty and the goldfinches just love them here! :0)

    1. They are certainly intrusive, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that your soil is good, because thistles mostly like a deep, rich loam. ;)