August 21, 2013

97 :: Apartment Building

Jaana: Apartment buildings by a canal in downtown Oulu.

Kia: Built in 1886, the Anchor Mill was originally a cotton spinning mill. Closed in the 1980s, it has now been restored and converted into luxury flats.


  1. How cool to live right on the water like that. And I love it when they take an old building and make it over instead of tearing it down! And such a beautiful building too! :0)

  2. How neat that you both have chosen an apartment building located next to a body of water. :)
    Too bad that the point of view chosen by Kia doesn’t show the river but just the red bridge.
    Another neat feature is that both pictures portray the buildings from a similar angle.

  3. Are these the buildings where you girls live? So beautiful! :)