November 27, 2013

122 : November Scenery

Jaana: For the most part November was grey and wet, but towards the end of the month we got a proper snow cover. Now just wait and see if it's here to stay. Today the length of day is 4h 59m, sunrise at 9:36 AM, sunset at 2:35 PM.

Kia: Many colorful autumn leaves are still clinging on, but I can hear Jack Frost knocking at the backdoor. Today the length of day is 7h 37m, sunrise at 8:16 AM, sunset at 3:53 PM.

A reminder of how our sceneries looked like in October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February and January.

We're curious to see how November looked like in your neck of the woods, so do share with us by leaving a link to your photo in our comments box!


  1. Beautiful photos! Today here it looks much like Jaana's picture. We got three inches of snow last night and everything is covered in white! :0)

  2. Your blog is a gift of beauty. Thank you. I so love coming to see the photos.

  3. Gorgeous photographs, ladies, of two wonderful countries of our Europe .. here I can always enjoy such a beauty !!
    I have a little album of my Northern Italian winter, they're three shots of the last Wednesday, actually I could have choose a photograph but I'm not able to decide .. choose you the one you prefer !
    A lovely week end to you both <3